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 You're Fun. We're Fun. Let's Have Ice Cream.

We went crazy making our desserts what you love most about desserts. We have the BEST cookie dough ice cream experience with HUGE scoops of your favorite cookie dough on top of our incredible soft serve -- you'll never run out of cookie dough again! And you haven't lived until you've had our sweet, fluffy Cloud toppings over our creamy vanilla soft serve. Our Bursting Boba Ice Cream is so fun to eat, and chocolate lovers will rejoice over our All-the-Chocolate dessert -- it's a fan favorite! Only at Neff Haus will you find a gigantic peanut butter buckeye cookie on top of creamy soft serve, and we have generously sized soft serve cones and rich, creamy milkshakes – each in 23 flavors.

Nestled in the charming and quaint historic town of Harmony, our shop is housed in a beautifully restored 1807 Harmonist building that transports you to a bygone era. Explore our grounds, find the fairies that live in the treetop above our bridge, or view our colorful light show when the sun sets. 

Hours: Tuesday - Sunday, Noon-10 PM

Closed Mondays

We accept all credit cards, cash, and Apple & Google Pay.

550 Main Street Harmony, PA 16037 


Parking is available across the street in a free, public lot, 

along German Street, or in the overflow lot on Wood & German Street.


Experience the world's creamiest soft serve and dreamy service at Neff Haus!

We are passionate about sourcing our ingredients from local dairy farms to bring you the most delicious and freshest soft serve ice cream you'll ever taste!

23 Flavors of the creamiest soft serve ice cream in the world. 


Cookie doughs, Clouds, cones, milkshakes, malts, bursting boba, handcrafted specialty items, and our famous Heavenly Cookie Dough.

Historic Neff Haus

In 1807, the Harmony Society constructed Neff Haus as a residence for Jacob and Maria Neff. Jacob played a vital role in supporting the Harmony Society's endeavors, both financially and through recruitment efforts. He generously loaned interest-free funds to Father George Rapp in 1806, which helped establish the society's industries. In 1808, Jacob and Maria decided to fully embrace the Harmonist lifestyle and joined the community. Jacob dedicated himself to expanding the society by welcoming widowed women with children to become members. He, like all members, willingly placed all his wealth and assets into the society's common stock to support the collective's goals.

Everything used to build Neff Haus was handmade, even the bricks.


Neff Haus has been restored to showcase the craftsmanship of the German settlers who built it.


Enjoy a wonderful date night on our romantic, candle-lit patio.


Come spot the fairies that live in the tree top above our bridge.


Visit Neff Haus at night and enjoy our light show.

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