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Have an unforgettable time at The Legendary Neff Haus Ice Cream Shop!

Dream Circle Event - June 12th

Get ready for an extraordinary adventure at the Inner Smile located in The Legendary Neff Haus Ice Cream Carriage House! A two-hour event filled with learning, laughter, and ice cream delights! You will dive into the captivating world of Dreamwork, unravel the mysteries of your nighttime dreams, have opportunities to share your dreams, make friends, and indulge in a swirl of delicious frozen treats!


Event includes: "Your Dreams Are a Built-In Guide" (brief presentation). "How to Discover Dream Meanings in a Group" (group sharing). Treat break with desserts by The Legendary Neff Haus Ice Cream. A creative activity. - No experience working with dreams is necessary. 


This event is designed for adults. 

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